The Azana Band

In this campaign we introduced ‘Kiss me first’, a new show whose characters escape everyday life through virtual reality to a world called Azana. In the show the characters wear a device around their neck, allowing them to feel in-game fear, pain and happiness.
So to create intrigue we launched this ‘AzanaBand’ as a real revolutionary sensory gaming device on TV, social and print, completely unbranded. This lead people to with more info on the device and the trailer for ‘Kiss me first’.

Watch the casevideo.

We also teamed up with a YouTube gaming channel for an AzanaBand unboxing video.


4Creative (Agency), Alice Tonge (Executive creative director), Eoin McLaughlin (Creative director), Jack Croft (Creative), Stacey Bird (Creative), Anne-Grit Maier (Creative), Francesca Van Haverbeke (Creative),

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