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Francesca Van Haverbeke (b. 1988) is a Belgian artist living and working in London. 

Van Haverbeke works across drawing, painting, and sculpture, utilising a broad range of sources including observation, art history, folklore, nature and non Western art forms. Having no formal training, her work takes us into a more naive, and sometimes childlike place. Different subjects are reduced to simple linework, often textured and deepened through the use of experimental materials such as concrete, glue, coffee grit, cat litter and debris. The result of her processes are often expressive, spontaneous, born out of quick decisions and chance. The subjects, reduced to their most simple forms, seem imprinted on the surface, reminiscent of historical wall paintings and frescoes, like frozen moments in time, perhaps part of a larger story. 


Group exhibition 'Le Petit Salon' with The Tagli, Cromwell Place, London (2024)

Kleindok, Ghent (2024)

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London (2022)

Group exhibition ‘Save a life drawing’, London (2022)

Group exhibition ‘Feeeeelings’, Davies Gilder Gallery, Guildford (2022)

Solo exhibition ‘Sprout’, Stour Gallery, London (2022)

Group exhibition, Holy Art Gallery, London (2022)

Solo exhibition, Kribbestraat 3, Brussels (2021) 

Group exhibition, Stour Gallery, London (2021) 

Solo exhibition, 119 Lower Clapton, London (2018)




The Guardian: Artwork as part of house renovation project (May 2023)

Homes for Collectors by Jan Verlinde & Thijs Demeulemeester, Lannoo (2022)

Marie Claire, Elle, Knack magazine: (anti) Black Friday collaboration with knitwear brand Wolvis (November 2022)

t’Art Magazine issue No.4 (September 2022)

Mooie Makers: Artist profile and interview (August 2022) 

House & Garden: Artwork as part of house renovation project (March 2022)



2022 Royal Drawing School, London

2015 Miami Ad School, Hamburg (Stockholm, Tokyo, Paris)

2012 MA in International Relations, Milan

2011 MA in Law, Ghent (Erasmus Madrid) 

2009 BA in Law, Ghent

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